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There are a ton of people who have contributed to the Rush Tablature Project and the Rush-Tabs mailing list. I've never met a more dedicated bunch of Rush Loonies in my life. It's hard to believe that we sit around with headphones and our instrument going "How the hell did they do THAT?" Then we write it down, share it and argue about who's right.

First of all we have to thank Rush for generating so much great music. Thanks Guys!

Ok, on to the Brief History of The Loonie List.

Way back in the dawn of time, or maybe about 3 years ago I started corresponding with some guy off of the Usenet group. That was Jimmy Pena. Not long after he asked if I would be interested in joining a mailing list he was starting to discuss and share TABS of rush songs. Certainly I was interested. That's where I met Adrien, Branden , Sean, Rich, and the rest of the first group of tabbers. More members trickled in, Chris, Chuck, another Sean, Bill, Jim... I think there are over 100 members of the current list.

Somewhere in there somebody mentioned that it would be really cool to get together and actually PLAY all the stuff we were working on. Thus the RUSH TABCON phenomenon was born. Getting together with people who were as obsessed with Rush as I was was a treat to say the least.

So, Thanks Guys and Gals.

Happy Tabbin'