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(Thanks to Bravado for the Ringing Tones Library files.)

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The *.mid version is nothing but a single-track midi file. The other
format is for Nokia 9000/9000i/9000il/9110 Communicator.

The Nokia 9xx0 Communicator format ringing tone can be saved to your
hard disk and transferred to the Communicator with PC Suite for Nokia
Communicator. Just remember to save the tone to the Tones folder. Once
loaded to the Communicator it can be easily sent to another phone OTA
or via IR or cable.

The Midi files can be opened, edited and converted to OTA format
(Over-the-air) with Nokia PC Composer for N6xx0 phones. You can also
send the tone directly from your PC to another phone OTA or your own
phone via cable or infrared connection (IR).


If you know your notes and know how to make midi files, please take a
look at these example midi files and feel free to send your RUSH midi
files to me. Please keep the midi files as simple as possible. Cell
phones don't (yet) have sound cards, so create your Midi files for an
ancient PC with PC speaker only.


Currently you can only install these tones to a Nokia cell phone. As
soon as a suitable converter is available other phones can be
supported, too.

Please remember that there are three bands used: GSM 900, PCN (or DCS)
1800 and PCS 1900 MHz. The former two are commonly used all over the
world except in the States where the last one is used. If your phone
supports all these bands you will (most probably) be able to send
ringing tones OTA to other phones, regardless of the band they use. If
the sending phone only supports, say 900 Mhz, then the receiving phone
should also support 900Mhz.

If you can't get the things working drop me a line at (I cannot send tones OTA to 1900MHz phones!)